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Every Business Needs Great Content

IN ONE DAY we will deliver an Epic same-day video to you that shows off your company in a fun and exciting way and gets the phone to ring!

Your 1 to 2 minute Sizzler real, made by us, will be ready to publish on all of your social media platforms.

What are you doing right now that is easy, effective, and affordable to draw massive attention and awareness to your business?
Without wasting your time you get video content that shares your unique value with your market.

We understand that businesses need to get their message out quickly, and our team is dedicated to producing high-quality videos that can be published online in a matter of hours.

Our experience and dedication to quality ensure that your business will be able to reach its potential customers with a powerful and engaging video.
An Epic same-day video will give YOUR business an edge on the competition.

By producing you a high-quality, informative video, FAST, we will communicate your value to potential customers and make you stand out from the competition.

Videos are a powerful way to market your business, and with our help, you will have an engaging, informative video that capture attention and converts into leads.
Video is the best way to start publishing content and everyone knows how powerful videos are. We understand how to help you share your message, and look awesome doing it.

People want to do business with companies they know, like, and trust and video is the certain way to show people that you care.
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Take advantage of this critical moment...  Right NOW you can make the decision to start a massive marketing push for your business.
You could literally have a video by the end of the day today!
and it won't cost you thousands of dollars.

Your Epic Same-Day Video will be seen by tens of thousands of people in your Market.

The problem isn't that you can't...   It's that you're busy being the expert at your business.

You're not making videos because you care about your company.   It's not an impossible task, it's just one that you need to prioritize.  WE can solve this for you

We can produce nearly any type of video that you need.
We will write it, we will shoot it, we will edit it and you get to tell your story.

What you provide is super valuable.
More people just need to know about it.

Don't let your great ideas go to waste! Let us help you turn them into powerful marketing tools with our same-day video production services.

We can create nearly any type of video you need, so you can share your story with the world.

With our help, you will reach more people and grow your business like never before.

Are your competitors making videos? Most of them are not.
This is YOUR huge opportunity to get ahead!
You'll get your video by the end of the day and if you need another one we're only a phone call away.
A lot of video companies overcomplicate the process. we understand that it's more about the story and the visual cinematography that induces action and grabs attention.
 Better yet,
Our founder is a sales professional and a state licensed contractor himself. No one understands the needs of the homeowner and consumer more and all of his sales knowledge will be passed to you during the making of your Epic Video.
We use our efficient script writing process and unique cinematic way of capturing the moment.
By keeping it simple you look awesome and your viewers remember why.

Our customers have said things like
“I didn't know what I did looked so cool.”
Our videos have gone viral into the tens of thousands of views and the most of our videos can be published and shown to 10000 or more people for a very small additional cost.
It's very simple, you call and set an appointment.
We do our
We arrive
on location

We shoot
We capture your company's feel
We take your logos, we choose the music, we edit the video, and later that day YOU take delivery of your very own Epic same day corporate Sizzler real.
Don't wait, this is too affordable and too valuable for you to miss out, call text email or press the button right now. We absolutely guarantee you will love the video content we build for you.
These videos are the perfect way to promote your Central Florida business-to-consumer or business-to-business services.
Our team is experienced in creating unique and engaging content that will help you stand out from the competition. We know how to get people to take notice of your company and what you have to offer. Let us help you show the world what makes your business epic!
What you actually get is eight distinct services packaged into one.
This is how you will show The World how Awesome Your Company Is through your Epic Same-Day Video!

Even if you don't want any of this, your video will still look awesome.

YOU GET: A rewrite or elaboration on your Unique Selling Proposition, Mission, Motto, or Offer
  • Discussions like this are the activities that create industry leaders and World Class Brands
  • Thinking about these things puts your company in the top 1%
  • Understanding these ideas lets us design and produce a compelling video that attracts the attention of high profit customers.
  • Your Company is taking more action towards becoming world-class.  A company that people think about and trust.
YOU GET: A Problem, Solution, Result analysis with Written Elevator Speech
  • This is the process of taking your idea and fitting it into a proven style of communication that gets your potential customers attention.
  • Our team is a third party opinion that may give your team a fresh point of view.
  • It can provide valuable insight for you, your sales team, and definitely for your new Epic Video.
YOU GET: The script/voice recording for voice over.
  • As necessary we are now ready to write and record any voice over sections.
  • If your video is an explainer video or introduction of any kind this part is extremely important.
  • Using a well scripted hook can make all the deference when it comes to captivating the audience.
YOU GET: Utilization of your branding and logo
  • You are getting a video from a Marketing agency.
  • We insist that your Epic Video is fully branded using all of your brand guidelines.
  • This is the key to locking your message into your prospects memory.
  • The branding and building of your empire begins here.
YOU GET: Royalty paid soundtrack music
  • Music is life, and music breaths life into video.
  • As purpose of your video comes to life we will begin choosing music that embellishes the emotions your video will evoke.
  • Well fitted music will combine with the messaging, the visuals of the video, and the colors and feel of your brand to lock in your company.
6.    and Credits and text overlay
7.    and a Thumbnail for video publishing
8.   your Epic Video & TWO bonus Instagram Reels.
See how all of these steps link together? This video is built by marketers for you to use to grow your business and attract more customers… All with little to no waiting for delivery.

All of the items combine to bring you more value than a consultant, usable information to grow, a story you are comfortable with, and you being awesome in an Epic video delivered the Very Same Day.
We guarantee that will be proud to show your Epic Same-Day Video to everyone.
1.  We have the process, you get the video   2. Finished in a short amount of time, a half day for 58 seconds.
          3. It's designed by marketers to be clear, meaningful, and exciting.
4. Final payment is due at delivery   5. You get started on the marketing you promised yourself
6. Your company gets shown to thousands   7. Other options are available for even more specific needs.

All you have to do is:
  • Set a 15 min time to speak.
  • then we'll set a goal and a filming date
  • next we show up to film
  • then you approve the text, logo, music, sound and video
  • We deliver your Epic Same Day Video
  • NOW your company shows itself as the true hero it is
  • YOU move forward as a world-class business
FACT - all other high quality, edited video production starts at well over $1000!
Our Epic Same-Day Videos start well under that.
Don’t think you look good or sound good on camera?

We use cinematic angles, movement, and shots that make you look awesome and many of our most viral videos never had and speaking in them at all.

This is an incredible investment and the beginning of big things to come.
It will feel amazing to work with us.

You'll end up with tons of pointers on how to shoot your own footage.
At HammerSport Films we are all about massive action.
That's why your Epic Same-Day Video is a springboard for all of your marketing.
Epic Same-Day Video
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Full Business Story


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3 FULL Months
of Video Content

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Epic Video
Awesome Music
Graphics & Text
IG Reels
6 hour shoot
2 whole days
4 - days
Raw Vid & Photo
Script/Story/Intro Video.  3-5 min.
If you are ready to tell your story, explain your service, or show off what makes you different then - 
Epic Same-Day Videos are for you.
These videos are an amazing way to:
Explain your service,  showcase your product,  announce a new location,  document a grand opening, introduce the team,  show something really cool,  talk about some jobs you've done,  show of some cool equipment,
capture an unveiling, showcase your unique selling proposition, give an elevator pitch, share your company values, explain your motto, highlight an accomplishment,  or just look and be awesome!
Are you looking for a way to market your business to a mass audience? Do you need a way to explain something online?

Content and videos are the perfect way to do everything listed above and more. With no risk at all, you can begin exposing your business to large numbers of people in an exciting and engaging way. Your new epic same-day video will shatter your expectations and drive you towards clients and sales.
So don't wait any longer, get started today!

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